Natural Meat - General Terms of Sale

1.     QUOTATIONS: All quotations are valid for 7 (seven) days from date of issue and will thereafter lapse unless accepted by the client in writing prior to the expiry day. After acceptance by the Client, this quotation shall not be altered in part or in full in any way whatsoever Prices are subject to change without prior notification. All Prices are quoted Rand per kilogram.

Quotation and the subsequent contract will be subject to South African laws.
2.     PLACEMENT OF ORDERS: Orders by Clients for individual collection or delivery must be placed in writing to Natural Meat (e-mail Address: via our website : or at least 3 (three) working days (Saturdays and Sundays being non-working days) before the Product(s) is required.

3.     SUPPLY / DELIVERY: Under all circumstances an order will be subject to the availability of products. Deliveries will only be made if the value of the product ordered by the client exceeds 75 kilogram. Scheduled deliveries will be made. All relevant clients will receive 24 (Twenty Four) hour notice of deliveries and the client must ensure that some-one will be available to receive the products. Whenever possible, the supply and /or delivery will be undertaken at shorter notice. No products shall be returned without the written consent of an authorized official of Natural Meat. In the event of product being returned all cost incurred (hauling) will be for the client’s expense. Cancellations or change of bookings will not be accepted by Natural Meat unless notice of at least 24 (twenty four) hours before the supplies and / or delivery thereof is received in writing and forwarded to Natural meat by e-mail : Where bookings are cancelled later than specified time and the truck in question has already left the Natural Meat premises, the Client will be liable to pay Natural Meat the full transport element in the price quoted. The Client will be liable for the cost of any damages suffered by Natural Meat as a result of refusal by the Client to accept the whole or any part of any delivery.

Timeous deliveries are subject to accurate submissions of addresses and / or co-ordinates by clients. Natural Meat will take all reasonable precautions to ensure timeous deliveries and will under no circumstances accept any penalties for any delays.

In the event of Natural Meat entering the clients’ property for whatsoever reason, the client will safeguard Natural Meat or any of its personnel, contractors, sub- contractors against any injuries on its premises whilst delivering product.

4.     PAYMENTS: All the invoices are to be paid in advance. Facilities for credit may, however, be granted in writing at the discretion of Natural Meat in which event accounts for all products dispatched due and payable within 7 days after delivery of product. In the event that the Client exceeds the specified credit terms, Natural Meat reserves the right to revise the credit terms to advance payments or C.O.D. No discounts, other than discounts negotiated and accepted in writing by Natural Meat, will be allowed. Irrespective of whether it is a cash or credit sale, ownership of the products shall pass only upon full payment of the purchase price. Complaints, claims or disputes shall not entitle the Client to defer or suspend payments. Neither shall the client in any circumstances be entitled to set-off of claims. Natural Meat reserves the right to withdraw from any contract without notification in case of non- payment, late payment, any threats of non-payment and or any intention to claim as a result of ‘late or non-deliveries / standing time” and Natural Meat shall not accept any liability for any loss or damages whatsoever (directly and or indirectly) resulting from Natural Meat actions.

Natural Meat shall be entitled to claim interest at the then ruling prime bank overdraft rate, plus 2 % (two Percent) as charged from time to time by the banker of Natural Meat on any account which is not paid on or before due date. In the event of Natural Meat taking any action against the client to recover any money owing to it by the client, the latter shall pay all tracing, collection and legal fees as between attorney and client incurred by Natural Meat in its efforts to recover such money.

5.     CLAIMS: All claims shall be in writing and lodged with Natural Meat within 12 (twelve hours) after supply / delivery of product to the clients. If these requirements are not strictly complied with, all liability of Natural Meat shall cease. In the event of any unresolved dispute, such dispute shall be referred to arbitration within (2) two months after Natural Meat has in writing rejected such liability. The arbitration is to be held on an informal basis under the chairmanship of any of any reputable advocate / attorney with at least 5(five) years exposure in arbitrating disputes. The decision of the arbitrator will be final and binding upon all parties concerned.

In the event of any other dispute, the clients accepts and consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate courts

6.     NO DEVIATION FROM SALES TERMS: Should any contract contain special conditions, that contradict Natural Meat General Terms of Sale, it is the responsibility of the client to make provision for such conditions or to negotiate with Natural Meat for the relief or to make provision for such special conditions. If this is not done, Natural Meat accepts no liability for any consequences thereof.

No representative, agent or salesman has the authority to deviate from these terms and no representations made on behalf of Natural Meat as well as no deviations from these terms shall have any effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties
7.     Force Majeure: In the event of any act of God, fire, storm, flood, earthquake, strike, warlike operation, hostility, sabotage, blockade, embargoes, any import or export restriction, rebellion, not lockout, civil commotion, local combination of workmen, acts of civil or military authority, accident, interference of trade union, suspension of labour, lack of railroad, truck or seaborne freight facilities, or delays on route, cessation, curtailment or interruption (the last three occurrences also caused by economic circumstances) of supplies to Natural Meat from its existing sources of outside the reasonable control of Natural Meat, preventing or hindering Natural Meat from its existing sources of supply or (without regard to the afore-going enumeration) of any circumstances arising or action taken beyond or outside the reasonable control of Natural Meat preventing or hindering Natural Meat from the performance of any obligations hereunder (any such event hereinafter called '‘force majeure'’, the performance by Natural Meat of its obligations shall be suspended during such time and Natural Meat shall not be liable for any delay or failure in the performance of any obligations hereunder due to, or resulting from the force majeure, provided always that a written notice shall be given of any such inability and of the cessation thereof.

8.     RISK / OWNERSHIP / INSURANCE: Risk of damage to or loss of the products shall remain with Natural Meat until delivery to the Client.

Until such time as the Client has paid for all product supplied by Natural Meat to the client ownership of the products will be vested in Natural Meat.
The Client shall insure the products against risks for which a prudent owner would insure it and hold the policy on trust for the supplier;
9.     The Client shall inform Natural Meat, in writing, immediately if it becomes insolvent

10. Minimum Quantities of products per any one Load to any area/s : 151 kg