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Chicken and Meat the way our ancestors use to eat are becoming something of the past! With the high demand to feed the masses, the chicken and meat are injected with hormones and antibiotics. To generate more money, meat and chicken are injected with Brine to increase the weight thus making the consumer pay more. Natural Meat has noticed this and took cognisance of the consumers concerns (tasteless, hormone and antibiotic infested as well as brine drowned meat) and decided to revert back to our roots. We are giving the consumer the Healthier option of chicken and meat

Our Definition of Organic is chicken and meat that are Brine, Hormone and Antibiotic free


Absolutely delicious! Well done! Keep up the good work. And as far as the service and delivery is concerned...... 5 stars

Carmy De Araujo Almeida

Ons het nou wings gebraai. En dit was super lekker. Ons is baie impress!!! Verskriklik baie vleis aan. Dankie julle!.

Nelda Kruger